Here’s my Twitter Thread on #WaterSecurity Organizing and Policy

I read this news article in The Atlantic this morning noting how Florida Governor Rob DeSantis, who does not have the best record on environmental action and climate change policy, has unveiled a new set of measures to protect the state’s water sources. The article goes on to argue that water is the “one” issue that even traditionally climate action-averse Republican governors cannot avoid. That prompted me to reflect on what is rhetorically distinctive about water insecurity that prompts widespread action. Here are my musings…

At the same time, there’s a caveat: as big a problem water insecurity is, and no matter how much ordinary people and policymakers are enthused to address it, it often ends up butting heads with racist and classist ideologies that blind people to their own privilege and prevent them from taking meaningful action. Our project on the Detroit Water Stories is a prime example of this. That is why accountability is key, and a crucial “sub-thread.”


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