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Organizational Communication in the News 

I founded this website in December 2011, and am Senior Editor. OrgComInTheNews is a teaching and research resource for faculty and students, who are interested in the intersections of organizational communication, public relations, technology studies and management. It acts as a “gathering house” for interesting organizational case studies that have recently been featured in the media. Stories are slotted according to conventional research categories, story-specific themes, and archival dates for easy referral by scholars and students. The website has an active Facebook page and Twitter profile, with a growing follower list (more than 610 on Facebook, and 410 on Twitter).

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Detroit Water Stories

Funded by grants from Wayne State University’s Research Enhancement Program and the Waterhouse Family Institute at Villanova University, the Detroit Water Stories website showcases the work of our 2-year long oral history and ethnography project. The website features a public repository of video and transcripts of oral history interviews with community organizers and other key stakeholders of Detroit’s water insecurity crisis, which we are still adding to. In addition, the website features various community resources, a background of the water crisis, blog posts by members of the research team and from among our community partners, scholarly products, community-centered creative products, and video footage of various community events we have participated in. Follow us on Twitter with #DetroitWaterStories.

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