Industry Work

Concept Public Relations: (July 2006 – July 2007)

  • Position: Senior Executive, Investor Relations
  • Advised clients on media coverage and dissemination of information to equity analysts and fund managers
  • Drafted relevant press releases and analyst updates
  • Obtained research reports and recommendations from research houses, funds and brokerages on the client company
  • Interacted with stock market analysts, brokers, fund managers and private equity managers on industry trends, company prospects and market movements

TIMES NOW: (June 2005 – June 2006)

  • Position: Reporter, on Capital Markets beat
  • Tracked equity mutual funds; interacted with fund managers and stock brokers
  • Reported on capital market regulation
  • Key projects: planning and implementation for launch of the channel
  • Key projects: planning and implementation for Budget 2006 Special: “Budget-O-Nomics”. (April 2004 – June 2005)

  • Position: Business News Team Correspondent
  • Tracked the stock market; writing market wraps and reports
  • Reported for personal finance on credit cards and loans
  • Prepared corporate news reports based on interviews on parent channel CNBC-TV18
  • Key projects: planning and designing the Credit Cards and Loans web pages
  • Was stand-in editor for the ‘news’ page of the website, whenever the editor was absent: this involved editing stories, deciding order of importance, setting headlines and the overall look of the ‘news’ page of the site
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