Grant Funding

  1. Great Lakes Protection Fund. Co-I (2019). “Smart Management of Microplastic Pollution in the Great Lakes.” $929,000 (Proposal #1151).
  2. Waterhouse Family Institute. Lead PI. (2018). “Public sense-making of sustainable water access in urban communities: “Uneasy” story-telling and story-making through collaborative transmedia ethnography.” $10,000 (Grant number 18190054).
  3. WSU Presidents Research Enhancement Program (REP) Arts & Humanities. Lead PI. (2018). “Public Sense-making of Sustainable Water Access in Urban Communities” $33,445.
  4. WSU Dean’s Creative/Research Grant, College of Fine, Performing & Communication Arts. (2018). “Organizing/Communicating for Urban Sustainability: The Detroit Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.” $5,000.
  5. WSU BEST & Graduate School Mini Grant (2018). “Holistic career development for 21st century PhD students: Research skills for Nonacademic careers.” $4,300.
  6. WSU Dean’s Creative/Research Grant, College of Fine, Performing & Communication Arts (2014). “Communicative complexities of ‘Integrated Arctic Management’: Environmental resource management and development in Alaska.” $7,000.
  7. Purdue Research Foundation Summer Research Grant (2012). “Accomplishing sustainability from local networks to global transformative policies: The work of sustainability professionals.” $2,635.
  8. Purdue Center for Research on Diversity and Inclusion, Faculty Seed Grant. Co-PI. (2012). “Performances of Meaningful Work by Sustainability Professionals.” $500.
  9. Central States Communication Association Federation Prize. Co-PI. (2012). “Performances of meaningful work by sustainability professionals.” $3,000.
  10. Projects that Advance the Discipline of Communication, National Communication Association. Co-PI. (2011). “Changing face of communication studies: Majority and underrepresented minority millennial graduate students’ reported quality of life and meaningfulness of work.” $5,000.
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