The time I played “Shark” for the New Enterprise Forum in Ann Arbor.


I was privileged and thrilled to serve as a “Pitch Pit” judge at the Oct 18, 2018, Showcase and Pitch Pit, organized by the New Enterprise Forum (NEF). Based in Ann Arbor, MI, only 45 minutes from downtown Detroit, NEF offers local entrepreneurs extensive coaching, networking and other support services so that they can be successful. Pitch Pit gives startup leaders the opportunity to practice presenting to investors and others interested in the Detroit Area entrepreneurial community. Basically, our brief was to offer constructive and useful feedback, a more helpful version of the “sharks” on Shark Tank, to help the entrepreneurs pitching their business.

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What makes work worth respecting? A poetic ode


I’m due to present at a preconference next week at the International Communication Association’s 2014 annual conference that I’m really looking forward to, and not just for the usual reasons. The preconference is titled, “(Re)Defining and (Re)Negotiating the Meaning of Work, Success, Happiness, and Good Life,” and yes, there’s going to be an amazing list of scholars attending, so I’ll be listening to some great research. But, on top of that, the organizers have set up a poetry slam to tap into our creative side! Attendees were asked to pen a few lines around the question, What makes work worth respecting to you? If you dare, read on…

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Graduate Student Publishing: Collaborative Research


Given the increasing importance for both the academic job market and bagging research grants for collaborative research, it’s important to talk about team scholarship processes in some depth. Specifically: when, why, how, and with whom should you collaborate with on a research project?

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What are we missing about culture when we talk careers?


I’m presently reading scholarly material for a manuscript on career negotiations from a cultural perspective, and it strikes me that I’ve hardly found anything that considers culture outside the white collar, global “knowledge economy.” Of course, that is the main goal of this manuscript — to argue that, look, we’ve got all this great and interesting research about expatriates, so-called “global careers” (like call center workers), and virtual/distributed teams in and from different parts of the world, but we’re still missing some pretty important actors in this setup.

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Graduate Student Publishing: Knowing Where to Submit

A version of this post appeared in the monthly newsletter of the International Communication Association, as the Student Board Member Column (March 2014).

What should graduate students take into account, when selecting an outlet for their research? To me, 3 main aspects stand out: researching the characteristics of potential journal outlets, finding out more about the editorial board, and keeping abreast of “calls for papers” via online listservs.

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