Presented on Communicative Complexities of Resource Management in Alaska – Humanities Center Conference


I was thrilled this week to present some emerging vignettes from my research in Alaska at the “Survival”-themed conference organized by Wayne State University’s Humanities Center, as part of its Faculty Fellowships Program. Having received a fellowship for 2014-2015 that helped fund my work in Alaska on resource management policy, I looked forward to sharing some stories encountered on the field, and witnessing the great work by the other awardees.

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Attending the NCSE Energy & Climate Change 2015 conference @ Washington, DC

As I write this, I find myself en route to Washington, D.C., for the National Council for Science and the Environment’s 15th national conference, on Energy and Climate Change — more than a bit excited!

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Climate change response in Alaska: “Do, but don’t talk”?

The other day, I read a news report about how Siberian policymakers are “lukewarm” about the impacts of global warming — or, more accurately, Russian policymakers are lukewarm, whereas local Siberian scientists are sounding the alarm — and it reminded me of the interesting rhetorical response to the same issue in Alaska, a U.S. state that is similarly dependent on fossil fuel extraction, and similarly hungry for infrastructure development.

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Research Talks at the 2014 International Communication Association: Hello, Seattle! :)

Space Needle

Seattle is a gorgeous, gorgeous city, with some amazing people, buildings, and food, and I’m thrilled to be in the middle of things right now for the annual conference of the International Communication Association! This is a bittersweet occasion; on the one hand, this is my first appearance here at ICA as a faculty member, representing Wayne State University, yet on the other hand, the conference marks the end of my two-year term as Student Board Member, a profoundly insightful position. During my two years, I have enjoyed working with the ICA leadership to set up some fantastic new opportunities and structures to enable graduate student members of the ICA in their professional development, and I’m sure that my successors will do an even more awesome job, extending these initiatives. So, as I bid adieu to this post, I’m settling for a wonderful few days in Seattle, exploring and experiencing the city, and engaging in some wonderful research with my Communication colleagues.

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How can we “translate” Sustainability effectively?


At the close of my recent talk on “Organizing/Communicating Sustainably” at Central Michigan University, someone in the audience asked me, predictably enough, what hope there was for meaningful systemic change, given the preponderance of cultural, structural, and moral obstacles both in the U.S. and worldwide.

My response hinged around the very communicative concept of translation.

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Upcoming Talk at Central Michigan U.: “Communication and Social Action” Conference


I am so thrilled to be headed to Central Michigan University next week, to deliver a talk at the 15th annual “Communication and Social Action” conference, organized by the Department of Communication and Dramatic Arts! My talk is tentatively titled “Organizing/Communicating Sustainably” — not very original, perhaps, given the title of this website, but representative nevertheless of my program of research, which explains my thrill.

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